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Virtual Samples

Let’s Get Virtual

Have you ever been around a five-year-old who is expecting a package? If so, you know firsthand how painful it is waiting for the mail. That’s why we created a way for you to get a taste of our programs virtually! Everything you need to gain a basic understanding of our programs online, including:

  • Software Demos
  • Student Editions
  • Teacher’s Guides
  • Program Overviews
  • Video Demos

SamplesALT—the fastest, easiest way to sample our materials.

2018 E-Catalog

Start exploring our newest programs right here, right now with our 2018 Digital Catalog. Want a hard copy, too? No problem! You can request that here.



DIG: Develop. Inspire. Grow.

DIG: Develop. Inspire. Grow. is a comprehensive, thematic, and play-based curriculum that engages the whole child through a balance of skills and play. 

DIG Oral Language and Vocabulary

DIG Oral Language and Vocabulary is a targeted, stand-alone program that focuses on helping Pre-K teachers bring words to life in the classroom, no matter what core curriculum is in place. 

DIG Math

DIG Math is a targeted, stand-alone program that builds foundational math concepts through hands-on activities, engaging materials, and plenty of movement and play. 

Moving Up to Kindergarten

Ready for kindergarten? They are now. The engaging games, songs, and activities that make up Moving Up to Kindergarten ensure children have basic alphabetic knowledge and letter-sound skills on the first day of school.

Ready to Read with Kindervention

Ready to Read with Kindervention uses The Letter People to help at-risk kindergartners unlock the magic of reading by targeting and developing key skills such as print concepts, alphabetic knowledge, and phonological awareness.

Interactive Big Books: Math Online Modules

Tired of hunting for meaningful Common Core Math activities for your classroom computers or interactive whiteboards? Look no further!

Word Heroes

Word Heroes is an all-new supplemental literacy-boosting program from Dr. Isabel Beck and Dr. Margaret McKeown that supercharges vocabulary and powers up comprehension–all in 20 power-packed minutes a day!

Interactive Big Books

With built-in manipulatives, our collection of Interactive Big Books encourage children to show what they know.

Reading Trends

Flexible and targeted, Reading Trends provides comprehension instruction and reading practice with texts that start below grade level and progress to on-level by the end of each year.

Content Area Reading Success

Content Area Reading Success teaches essential reading skills and comprehension strategies with on-level informational texts.

Interactive Big Books: Online Science Modules

Need fun and engaging science activities for your classroom computers or interactive whiteboards? The Interactive Science Online Modules teach important standards-based science concepts.

Our Book Blog

A virtual book club—Our Book Blog is similar to traditional book clubs or literature circles, but with two big differences. First, the comprehension and discussion questions are already built into the program.