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Key Links Literacy

Developed in partnership with literacy expert and author Jill Eggleton, Key Links Literacy puts vibrant, engaging, carefully crafted books in the right hands at the right time (which we believe is always the right way to go). And most importantly, it provides fully supportive instructional lessons and point-of-use support for all aspects of the program.

Program Information
Program Overview
Peer Brochure
Guided Brochure
Shared Brochure
Shared Reading
Big Book and Poetry Card Samples
Grade K - Fiction
Grade 1 – Fiction
Poetry Cards
Guided Reading: Emergent
Magenta Level Samples
Magenta Level - Fiction
Magenta Level – Nonfiction
Magenta Level – Implementation Guide
Guided Reading: Early
Green Level Samples
Green Level - Fiction
Green Level – Nonfiction
Green Level – Implementation Guide
Guided Reading: Fluency
Turquoise Level Samples
Turquoise Level - Fiction
Turquoise Level – Nonfiction
Turquoise Level – Implementation Guide
Peer Reading: Fluent
Orange Level Samples
Orange Level - Fiction
Orange Level - Nonfiction
Orange Level – Teacher’s Guide
Peer Reading: Fluent
Purple Level Samples
Purple Level - Fiction
Purple Level - Nonfiction
Purple Level – Teacher’s Guide