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inFact is an all-new collection of highly-engaging nonfiction books that intrigue, involve, and inspire students to become better readers as they learn about the world!

To learn more about these dazzling informational texts, check out the sample resources below, featuring books and Teacher’s Notes from each of our six program levels.

Program Information
Overview Brochure
Emergent Stage (Grade K)
Sample Book: Emergent
Sample Teacher Notes: Emergent
Early Stage (Grade 1)
Sample Book: Early
Sample Teacher Notes: Early
Transitional Stage (Grade 2)
Sample Book: Transitional
Sample Teacher Notes: Transitional
Extending Stage (Grade 3)
Sample Book: Extending
Sample Teacher Notes: Extending
Intermediate Stage (Grade 4)
Sample Book: Intermediate
Sample Teacher Notes: Intermediate
Advanced Stage (Grade 5)
Sample Book: Advanced
Sample Teacher Notes: Advanced