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Word Heroes

word heroes

With heavy time constraints facing so many of today’s teachers, it can be challenging to cover all of the critical literacy areas that learners need to grow into great readers and writers.

Word Heroes is an all-new program that supercharges literacy through a powerful combination of robust vocabulary instruction and targeted lessons in comprehension. 

Designed with:

  • 3 levels of instruction spanning Grades K-2
  • Expert authorship by Isabel Beck, Ph.D. and Margaret McKeown, Ph.D.
  • Rigorous read-aloud selections
  • A wide variety of genres and text types
  • 120 robust words for each level
  • Wearable “Wowbands” that bring learning to the home
  • Interactive Word Heroes Journals that extend learning and monitor progress

How it works

Through daily 20-minute lessons, students deepen their knowledge of high-voltage vocabulary words and strengthen reading comprehension through a variety of interactive lessons. 

vocabulary experts Isabel Beck, Ph.D. and Margaret Mckeown, Ph.D.Expert Authorship

Word Heroes was designed by world-renowned vocabulary experts Isabel Beck, Ph.D. and Margaret McKeown, Ph.D. based on their model of robust vocabulary instruction. Their methods have been shown to effectively reduce the language gap among young children and improve their overall comprehension. 

A One-Two Punch

While essential, vocabulary instruction alone is not enough to help students grow into better readers and writers -- that’s why Word Heroes combines instruction in both vocabulary and comprehension. Knowledge of robust, high-impact words supports comprehension, while comprehension instruction reinforces students' attention to language and helps them build deeper understanding of texts. 

Robust, Tier 2 Words

Based on their extensive classroom research, Drs. Beck and McKeown categorized vocabulary into three tiers in order to help educators understand which words have the most instructional benefit in the classroom.

Word Heroes focuses on powerful Tier 2 words that maximize instructional time and empower teachers to have a bigger impact on comprehension. 

Multiple Encounters with Vocabulary

For vocabulary instruction to have a deep impact, students need multiple opportunities to see and interact with new words. Word Heroes was designed using a systematic and proven approach to ensure students encounter new vocabulary words many times across many contexts. 

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