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Summer School

Beat the slump. Dive right in!

For many students, summer is an opportunity to get a leg up on the next school year. For many teachers, it's a chance to give students more focused attention than they can provide during the regular school year. The question is, how will you make the most of your summer?

We know that summer is a golden opportunity. That's why we have put careful thought into our summer school learning packages. Our goal is twofold—maintain student momentum and progress while providing differentiated instruction to fill any lingering skills gaps. You'll be setting your students up for success by making the most of their summer. Take a deep breath and dive right in!


Content Area Reading Success

Content Area Reading Success teaches essential reading skills and comprehension strategies in the context of on-level informational texts. The units, topics, and multiple passages contained in each level expose students to a variety of text structures while teaching them the most useful skills and strategies to understand the content of the passage.


Reading Trends

Flexible and targeted, Reading Trends provides scaffolded comprehension instruction and reading practice in the context of reading passages that start below grade level and progress to on-level texts by the end of each year.


Intervention Backpacks

Before school, after school, summer school, small groups…it’s not the where or the when that matters—what’s important is to catch those students who need extra help wherever and whenever you can. That’s why we developed Intervention Backpacks—to support you in making the most of every opportunity to help students become proficient on-level readers.