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Student Edition Spanish Sampler: Math 2

In Set 2 of this Spanish language research based math program, children explore additional math topics in each strand while continuing the development of math skills. Set 2 is aimed at grades K–1. Available in English and Spanish.


Student Editions Sampler Set includes:

  • 10 Student Editions - 16 pages, 6_” _ 9_”
Student Edition Spanish Sampler: Math 2

Included Products

Title ISBN SKU Price
Interactive Big Books
¡Vamos a resolverlo! Student Edition 6-Pack
9780766421196 101560-6 $19.00
Interactive Big Books
Arriba, abajo, adentro y afuera Student Edition 6-Pack
9780766421134 101554-6 $19.00
Interactive Big Books
Por la mitad Student Edition 6-Pack
9780766421127 101553-6 $19.00
Interactive Big Books
¡Contar hasta 10 y más allá! Student Edition 6-Pack
9780766421110 101552-6 $19.00
Interactive Big Books
¿Cuántas partes hay? Student Edition 6-Pack
9780766421103 101551-6 $19.00
Interactive Big Books
¿De qué otra forma lo demostramos? Student Edition 6-Pack
9780766421172 101558-6 $19.00
Interactive Big Books
¿Qué hora es? Student Edition 6-Pack
9780766421165 101557-6 $19.00
Interactive Big Books
¿Qué probabilidad hay? Student Edition 6-Pack
9780766421189 101559-6 $19.00
Interactive Big Books
¿Son iguales? Student Edition 6-Pack
9780766421141 101555-6 $19.00


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