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Interactive Big Books (Science 1)

Our Earth Interactive Big Book Pack

Our Earth is one of ten digital modules and Interactive Big Books developed around standards-based concepts designed to help you teach science to young learners in a fun, engaging, and meaningful way! The Arctic, deserts, oceans, mountains, rain forests, and savannas! Introduce Pre-K – K children to the regions of our world through this exciting combination of an Interactive Big Book and digital module.

Use the Interactive Big Book to introduce the topics through spectacular photography and age-appropriate text, then support and extend those concepts with fun, engaging multisensory activities on the whiteboard or your classroom computers!

The Interactive Digital Module can be delivered on CD or online through an annual subscription. Features:
• Designed for use with both whiteboards and classroom computers
• Multisensory activities support auditory, visual, and tactile learning styles
• Activities include drawing, painting, writing, classifying, using a virtual magnifying glass, and completing puzzles
• Large group, small group, and individual activities included
• Informal assessment opportunities embedded throughout the program
• Content based on National Science Education Standards, as recommended by the NSTA, as wELL/ESL as on feedback from classroom teachers

Interactive Big Book features:
• Full-size 14” x 20” Big Books ideal for large groups, small groups
• Colorful photography supports, enhances scientific content
• Engaging, age-appropriate text makes content accessible
• Attachables – interactive pieces to be sorted and placed on the pages of the Big Book

The 20 page Teacher’s Guide is shipped in print form with the Big Books and included in PDF form online. It includes a Program Overview, Flexible Pacing Guide, Hands-On Application and Practice, Home-School Connection, Differentiated Instruction, Individual Assessment Record, Family Letters (English/Spanish), and more.

Our Earth Interactive Big Book Pack

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Interactive Big Books
Big Book Set: Science 1
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Interactive Big Books (Science 1)
Our Earth Big Book Pack with Online Module Free!
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