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Complete Program

Our Book Blog: Complete Program

With 15 interactive eBook titles that span a wide range of levels and genres, Our Book Blog makes getting ALL students even closer to complex texts is fun! Truly interactive, these carefully crafted eBooks provide students engaging fiction and nonfication texts with clickable higher-order questions, audio support with synced text highlighting, bookmarking and note-taking tools, searchable content, and the ability to read and reply to the responses of their peers. 

Our Book Blog's Complete Digital Package includes:
  • 15 interactive eBooks
    • 3 fiction texts
    • 6 science informational texts
    • 6 social studies informational texts
  • One-year license to the online blog environment and teacher management system for up to 30 students
  • Online access to Teacher's Guides
Included Book Titles:
  • Li Chi and the Dragon (Lexile: 600L)
  • An Incredible Edible Journey (Lexile: 680L)
  • Creatures of the Sea (Lexile: 680L)
  • The Labors of Hector (Lexile: 700L)
  • Crazy Plants (Lexile: 750L)
  • Communities Across the Globe (Lexile: 750L)
  • Fueling Your Body (Lexile: 790L)
  • A Family Divided (Lexile: 800L)
  • Eco Trek: From Coast to Prairie (Lexile: 810L)
  • Places, Faces, and Stories (Lexile: 820L)
  • Out of This World! (Lexile: 860L)
  • Highways Across America (Lexile: 870L)
  • All That Glitters (Lexile: 880L)
  • Spies of the American Revolution (Lexile: 920L)
  • Go Green! (Lexile: 930L)
Complete Program