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Interactive Big Books (Math 1)

Look For Shapes Interactive Big Book pack

Riddles and rhymes help children learn each shape's name (circle, triangle, rectangle, square), attributes, and location in real-life environmental photographs.

The Interactive Digital Module can be delivered on CD or online through an annual subscription. Features:
• 100% written for the Common Core State Standards
• Designed for use with both whiteboards and classroom computers
• Multisensory activities support auditory, visual, and tactile learning styles
• Activities include counting shapes, making larger shapes from smaller shapes, sorting, matching, graphing, drawing with shapes, painting, and writing.
• Large group, small group, and individual activities included
• Informal assessment opportunities embedded throughout the program

Interactive Big Book is 14" x 20", 16 pages. Includes teacher's guide and full-color Attachables to match the shapes in the photographs.

The 20 page Teacher’s Guide is shipped in print form with the Big Books and included in PDF form online. It includes a Program Overview, Flexible Pacing Guide, Hands-On Application and Practice, Home-School Connection, Differentiated Instruction, Individual Assessment Record, Family Letters (English/Spanish), and more.

Look For Shapes Interactive Big Book pack

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Interactive Big Books
Big Book Set: Math 1
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