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Content Area Reading Success

Level D Student Edition

Content Area Reading Success provides direct instruction and a gradual release of responsibility. Main features include:

Reading Skills Focus – sequencing, classifying information, finding main ideas and details, comparing and contrasting, identifying cause and effect, identifying facts and opinions, making inferences, and identifying problems and solutions
Nonfiction Text Features – with bar graphs, diagrams, charts, maps, and primary sources
Nonfiction Text for Information – with critical thinking, close reading, and text evidence
Unit Reviews, Pretests, Posttests, and lesson activities provide a variety of assessment opportunities to help gauge student success
Supports Common Core State Standards for English Language Arts
Targeted Instruction for reading skill levels 4.1–4.9
Units of Study: How Living Things Survive, American Government, Our Changing Earth, Landforms of the United States, Electricity and Magnets

*5 Units, 3 Lessons per Unit

Level D Student Edition


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