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Content Area Reading Success

Level C Teacher's Guide

This 80-page, two-color Teacher’s Guide is filled with tools and helpful tips - making Content Area Reading Success easy to implement in your classroom.

Teacher’s Guide contains:

Content Overview
– Outlines the principles of the program, as well as the key Reading Skills and Comprehension Strategies
Unit Pacing Guide
– Suggests how to best implement the program to meet your classroom schedule and needs
Research Base and References
– Identifies supportive foundational research for comprehension skills and reading nonfiction texts
Standards and Skills
– Demonstrates in a simple, easy-to-read scope and sequence which Common Core State Standards are met and in which lessons they are found
Pretests and Posttests
– Provides two 4-page Pretests (one Social Studies, one Science) and two 4-page Posttests (one Social Studies, one Science), written in standardized test format
Scoring Charts and Class Records
– Provides teachers with easy-to-use scoring and assessment management aids
Vocabulary List
– Provides an alphabetical glossary of vocabulary words, separated by Social Studies and Science terms, at the back of the Teacher’s Guide

Teacher's Guides are free upon request with the purchase of a minimum of 25 student books of the same level. Additional Teacher's Guides can be requested at the rate of one Guide for each 25 student books purchased.


Level C Teacher's Guide