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Key Links Literacy: Poetry Cards

Key Links Literacy  just got better with the newest addition to shared reading: Key Links Literacy Poetry Cards! 

These whimsical poems (all authored by literacy expert and children's author, Jill Eggleton!) add whimsy and enjoyment to every shared reading lesson, and are designed with:

  • ThinkLinksTM prompts on the back of every card
  • Language that is "caught, not taught" 
  • 5-day lesson plans that offer a different instructional focus for each new reading
  • Dynamic illustrations that grab children's attention and inspire their imagination 


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Grades Levels At a Glance

 Key Links Literacy Poetry Cards  are written with rhythmic, rhyming, repetitive language that activates the brain, makes it easy for children to join in, creates more connections for memory, and makes whole-group shared reading time more fun, fast-paced, and effective. 

Grade KPopcorn in the Pot Poetry Card Grade K

Poetry Cards at the kindergarten level introduce simple, rhythmic language, illustrative text, and chances to apply literacy skills in critical areas like comprehension and phonemic awareness. 

(Side note: students will ask to read these poems over and over again!)

Grade 1Silly Baboon Poetry Card Grade 1

For students in first grade, our poetry cards increase word count and sentence length, while furthering previously-learned concepts in comprehension, vocabulary, phonics, and phonemic awareness. 

Students master critical skills while continuing to develop a love of reading!

Grade 2Computer Care Poetry Card Grade 2

Poetry cards at the second-grade level give children practice with longer sentences, more words, and more sophisticated phonemic awareness activities. 

They're the perfect way to light the literacy fire in every child! 

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