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Key Links Literacy

key links literacy

Every classroom has good readers: students who decode words and recall what they read. But with new standards and increased expectations, being a good reader is simply not good enough. 

Because active participation is a key component for learning, Key Links Literacy provides authentically written texts with opportunities for higher-order thinking and peer conversations. Key Links Literacy gets students talking!

Designed with:

  • Fast-paced, entertaining fiction and nonfiction texts, written by esteemed author and educator, Jill Eggleton.
  • ThinkLinks Panels™ in every Shared, Guided, and Peer Reader that guide teachers to the most important parts of instruction.
  • 164 animated eBook versions—one for each Guided Reader.
  • Benchmark Cards and Assessment materials that help teachers administer, score, and evaluate literacy achievement.

How it works

Times have changed. Even though expectations continue to evolve, balanced literacy resources have largely stayed the same—until now. Key Links Literacy provides instruction in four critical areas for optimal growth in reading. It’s targeted, daily, predictable instruction for whole group, small group, peer-to-peer, and independent reading.

Key Links Literacy Shared Reader by Jill Eggleton

Shared Reading

Shared Readers act as a powerful vehicle for the rhythm of language and words to be caught, not taught—bright fiction texts that convey the joy of reading.

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Uncle Al is a Key Links Literacy Book by Jill Eggleton

Guided Reading

Guided Readers teach students important skills for thinking critically and carefully when they read—skills like fluency, higher-order thinking, and collaboration—and not just during group time, but for a lifetime.

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Bees in Trouble is a Key Links Literacy Book by Jill Eggleton

Peer Reading

Peer Readers are the manageable step in the middle of guided and independent reading—supporting the transition to successful independence.

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Key Links Literacy Digital book, Monkey Fun, on an iPadClassroom and Bookroom Libraries

Key Links Literacy print and digital eBooks offer unique features that are essential for every classroom library and bookroom collection. With 212 titles across a wide range of levels and genres, every student can achieve reading independence!

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