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If you’ve ever accessed an app store, you know how painstaking it can be to find quality leveled readers for your students—search, tap, click, preview, select, and download. It isn't until you launch the book that you realize that the book isn’t the level your child needs. Perhaps the words are too simple, or the focus of the eBook is unclear. We believe that every word counts when it comes to leveled readers. That’s why we launched Key Links Digital in partnership with literacy expert and author Jill Eggleton. 

Based on our rich collection of hundreds of print titles, Key Links Digital will enhance the reading experience with:
  • Narrated audio and synced text highlighting.
  • Animation built into each fiction title.
  • Unique teacher support panels for each title that can be turned on and off.
  • Easily administered license distribution and classroom management.

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lighting the literacy fire written by jill eggleton

Key Links Literacy

Lighting the Literacy Fire




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