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Let's Begin with the Letter People®

Introductory Program Set

Explicit instruction for the entire Pre-K day! The first and only program of its kind – research-based and thoroughly classroom tested – Let’s Begin with the Letter People® meets the needs of all the children in your Pre-K classroom!


Introductory Program includes:

  • 26 Letter People Hand Puppets
  • The Complete Teacher’s Resource File (Blueprint, 5 Teacher Resource Books, Assessments Booklet, Health & Safety Mini Story Cards, Ready to Read Rebus Pictures, Teacher Resources CD)
  • Profiles of the Letter People
  • The Letter People ABC's Big Book 
  • Letter People Meeting & Greeting Cards (30 each of 26 cards)
  • The Letter People Songs CD (26 songs for Pre-K)
  • 10 Letter People Big Books and 3 each of matching Student Editions
  • Letter People Read-Along CD (27 audio books)
  • Letter People Virtual Books
Introductory Program Set

Included Products

Title ISBN SKU Price
The Letter People®
Complete Pre-K Big Book Collection
9780766510999 086211 $249.00
The Letter People®
Songs CD
9780766518506 088083 $19.00
The Letter People®
Meeting and Greeting Cards (25-Pack)
9780766502383 087500 $99.00
The Letter People®
Read-Along CD
9780766516366 086310 $30.00
The Letter People®
Complete Puppet Set
9780766514263 081012 $599.00
The Letter People®
Complete Pre-K Student Edition Collection
9780766510982 086221 $129.00
Let's Begin with the Letter People®
Teacher Resource File
9780766516106 086960 $725.00
The Letter People®
ABC's Big Book
9780766503977 087301 $39.00
The Letter People®
Virtual Books
9780766511064 086216 $199.00


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