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Interactive Big Books (Science 1)

I Learn with My Senses Interactive Big Book Pack

I Learn with My Senses is one of ten digital modules developed around standards-based concepts that also are available as Interactive Big Books – helping you teach science to young learners in a fun, engaging, and meaningful way! Children are introduced to the five senses – seeing, hearing, touching, smELL/ESLing, and tasting – in this exciting, interactive module for Pre-K – K classrooms.

The Interactive Digital Module can be delivered on CD or online through an annual subscription. Features:
• Designed for use with both whiteboards and classroom computers
• Multisensory activities support auditory, visual, and tactile learning styles
• Activities include drawing, painting, writing, sorting, matching, using a virtual magnifying glass, and completing a puzzle
• Large group, small group, and individual activities included
• Informal assessment opportunities embedded throughout the program
• Content based on National Science Education Standards, as recommended by the NSTA, as wELL/ESL as on feedback from classroom teachers

Interactive Big Book is 14" x 20", 16 pages. Includes Attachables, games, and a teacher's guide with lessons and activities.

The 20 page Teacher’s Guide is shipped in print form with the Big Books and included in PDF form online. It includes a Program Overview, Flexible Pacing Guide, Hands-On Application and Practice, Home-School Connection, Differentiated Instruction, Individual Assessment Record, Family Letters (English/Spanish), and more.

I Learn with My Senses Interactive Big Book Pack

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Interactive Big Books
Big Book Set: Science 1
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Interactive Big Books (Science 1)
I Learn With My Senses Big Book Pack with Online Module Free!
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