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The Letter People®

Fun with Phonics Puppet Pack

Fun with Phonics Puppet Pack

This beautiful collection is a great tool for teaching phonics, as well as promoting oral-language, encouraging interaction, reinforcing letter identification and sound/symbol association, and developing fine-motor coordination. Includes 26 Letter People Hand Puppets, The Letter People ABC's Big Book, 26 Letter People Meeting & Greeting Cards for children to keep, 26 Letter People Songs on CD, Profiles of the Letter People® and Fun with Phonics Teacher Notes.


Fun with Phonics Puppet Pack

Included Products

Title ISBN SKU Price
The Letter People®
Letter People Portrait Cards
9780766504158 083502 $89.00
The Letter People®
Songs CD
9780766518506 088083 $19.00
The Letter People®
Meeting and Greeting Cards (25-Pack)
9780766502383 087500 $99.00
The Letter People®
Complete Puppet Set
9780766514263 081012 $599.00
The Letter People®
ABC's Big Book
9780766503977 087301 $39.00