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Dynamic Puppet Phonics

Everything’s better with puppets.

Think of all the things in life that would be better with the addition of puppets! Who wouldn’t want to run a marathon, drive cross country, grade papers, mow the lawn, or do their taxes with a quirky and cuddly puppet by their side? We happen to think that learning phonics is no different. That’s why we created Dynamic Puppet Phonics.

These 26 engaging puppets enhance letter identification, phonemic awareness, and alphabetic principle, and they can be used to enhance and strengthen any basal reading or phonics program, specifically in the areas of:

  • Letter identification
  • Consonant and short vowel sounds
  • CVC words and blends
  • Consonant digraphs
  • CVCe words (long vowels)
  • Other long vowels
  • R-controlled vowels
  • Word chains

Packages & Sets

Dynamic Puppet Phonics

Complete Set



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