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DIG: Develop. Inspire. Grow.™

DIG Upgrade Set

DIG Develop Inspire Grow Upgrade Set

If you currently use Let's Begin with the Letter People, then you have experienced the power of our Letter People firsthand. 

Through DIG, we built upon the foundational structure that made Let's Begin with the Letter People so effective, and added so much more - daily math and content-area instruction for 21st century learners; robust technology and games; purposeful playtimes; and PD inspiration from Pre-K expert, Dr. Jean Feldman!

DIG is an all-new Pre-K program that leverages the strength of the unique Letter People and builds upon their legacy with all new instruction, new resources, and new friends.

Experience something DIGGER at half the price!

Upgrade Let's Begin with the Letter People to DIG Pre-K


DIG Upgrade Set


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