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DIG Comprehensive Pre-K

When it comes to Pre-K education, finding resources that support the big learning outcomes that you need to achieve (in developmentally-appropriate ways!) are becoming harder to find.
That’s why we developed DIG: Develop. Inspire. Grow.™ It’s the newest, most comprehensive, and most developmentally-appropriate Pre-K program available today. With DIG you get:

  • Peace of MindDIG ensures your Pre-K learners are Kindergarten ready by bringing big learning goals within reach through a developmentally-appropriate and pedagogically-sound approach to early learning.
  • Ease of Use—Your teachers support a wide vareity of learners just as you support a varied staff. That's why DIG's teacher resources and point-of-use guidance are designed to accomodate teachers of all levels and experience.
  • Flexibility and FlairDIG's bite-sized lessons make sure that Pre-K learners aren't biting off more than they can chew. They also give Pre-K teachers the flexibility to enhance lessons with their own personality, flair, and favorite activities.
  • Teacher Support—Training is a year-round affair. With DIG's library of on-demand training videos, keeping up with implementation training, ongoing PD, the occasional brush-up, and mid-year on-boarding become so much more manageable.

Buy DIG today!Request a sample of DIG todayDr. Jean is a contributing author with DIG by Abrams Learning Trends

How it works

When it comes to preparing young children to succeed amid increasingly rigorous standards, it can be difficult to strike the right balance between play and instructional skills. Yet DIG does just that. By offering an array of developmentally appropriate activities, instructional approaches, and components, DIG supports the whole child.

Whole Groups

In order for learning to stick, children need multiple opportunities to engage with the same skill, but in new ways each day. DIG’s manageable, 20-minute circle times integrate learning and provide opportunities for rich discussions. 

Small Groups and Centers

Pre-K learners need ample practice for new skills to settle in. DIG’s daily, small-group instruction and engaging center activities clarify and reinforce concepts learned in whole group. 

Ongoing Formative Assessment

Keeping track of where students are along their learning path is essential—especially if we are to help them move ahead. That’s why DIG’s variety of assessment tools are designed to guide teachers in assisting learners, planning curriculum, and sharing progress with families. 

Family Involvement

Authentic, meaningful, home-school connections are critical to the success of any early childhood program. DIG fosters strong relationships and extends learning into the home through a variety of resources.

  • Weekly family letters in English and Spanish
  • Monthly calendar of home activities
  • Wow Word Bracelets with rich, robust vocabulary words for take-home practice
  • Anytime access to online Letter People literacy games, content-area eBooks, and science and math activities 


DIG in with Dr. Jean!

DIG is the only Pre-K program where you'll find Dr. Jean Feldman's cheers, chants, active movements, and tips at point-of-use throughout each week of instruction. Balancing instructional skills and play has never been easier! Each of the 16 Action Rhymes found in DIG are supported with video demonstrations by Dr. Jean herself!


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Did you know?

DIG is also available in strand packs! Check out our DIG Oral Language & Vocabulary and our DIG Math kits!