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DIG: Develop. Inspire. Grow.

With Pre-K expectations on the rise, covering all the skills that have to go into every Pre-K day feels more and more challenging. That's why today's Pre-K teachers love the curriculum options that come with the DIG family of solutions! From a comprehensive curriculum to a variety of targeted supplemental kits, DIG helps all Pre-K teachers focus on what matters most—their students.   

DIG  develops, inspires, and grows all  children toward kindergarten readiness with:

  • Intentional, instructional design featuring active, hands-on learning.
  • Integrated lessons that teach skills in a variety of authentic contexts and inspire curiosity and exploration.
  • Research-based developmental progressions that ensure early concepts and skills are developed appropriately. 
  • Flexible implementation options with easy-to-use instructional resources featuring point-of-use guidance.




DIG: Comprehensive Pre-K

Through its integrated instruction and proven developmental progressions in language, literacy, and math, DIG makes it possible for busy Pre-K teachers to deliver fully comprehensive instruction that develops the whole child, inspires big learning, and grows early learners into confident, kindergarten-ready students. 

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DIG: Oral Language & Vocabulary

Exposure to rich language—it's one of the most powerful ways that early educators can impact future learning. That's why DIG Oral Language & Vocabulary supports teachers in bringing words to life in the Pre-K classroom. Through a combination of active lessons inspired by Dr. Jean, authentic practice with language daily, and a focus on sophisticated, Tier 2 vocabulary words, DIG Oral Language & Vocabulary builds language and closes the language gap in just minutes a day!    

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DIG: Literacy

The sounds and symbols of language working together to make stories—that's literacy in action! And, exactly what DIG Literacy aims to deliver through the imaginative world of the Letter People. Their stories, songs, and real-life scenarios coupled with our research-based developmental progressions and proven instructional approach, make DIG Literacy a powerful resource for developing our next generation of readers, writers, and communicators.  

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DIG: Math

Early math education involves more than teaching children how to identify shapes, colors, and numbers. It requires intentional, daily instruction in a wide-variety of math skills, such as: sorting, making patterns, counting, comparing, measuring, learning shapes, and adding and subtracting objects from a group. Backed by a research-based developmental progression and grounded in best practices in active early learning, DIG Math supports children in developing a deep understanding of essential early math concepts in a manageable, meaningful, and fun way!  

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