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Let's Read with the Letter People®

Complete Set with Take-Home Books

Fifteen sequential rebus readers thoughtfully guide early readers into the scaffolded skills of phonics, while 20 new phonics readers introduce short vowels, blends, and high-frequency words. Thirty Take-Home Books provide full-color versions of all 15 Rebus titles and 20 Phonics Readers for children to take home and share the learning process in the family environment.


Included in this Classroom Set:

  • 15 Rebus Readers (6 copies each)
  • 25 Phonics Readers (6 copies each)
  • Teacher's Guide
  • Assessments (32 pages)
  • 87 Everyday Word Cards
  • 46 Teacher Time Savers pages
  • 54 Family Activity Pages (English & Spanish)
  • Take-Home Books (30)
Complete Set with Take-Home Books

Included Products

Title ISBN SKU Price
Let's Read with the Letter People®
Complete Set
9780766502505 081600 $495.00
Let's Read with the Letter People®
Take-Home Books (30-Pack)
9780766503007 081625 $199.00

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The Letter People®
Let's Read Puppet Pack
9780766514287 082202 $999.00
Land of the Letter People®
Complete Program Set with Science & Math
9780766506039 087011 $3,995.00


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