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The Letter People®

Complete Puppet Set Plus Spanish

30 puppets in this set – The 26 original Letter People puppets are joined by "Ch", "Ll", "Ñ" and "RR" - four Spanish-language puppets to enrich your ELL/ESL or multilingual classroom experience! Soft, durable, and washable, each puppet wears a capital letter on the front, a lowercase letter on the back, and hidden letters to promote letter recognition. A special characteristic (such as Mr. M’s munching mouth) helps children naturally associate the letter with its sound. Each puppet is approximately 15 inches tall.


Letter People Puppets

  • Help children develop letter identification and sound/symbol association.
  • Promote oral-language development.
  • Bring the alphabet to life!
  • Encourage interaction and child involvement.
  • Support imaginative play.
  • Are plush and washable.
Complete Puppet Set Plus Spanish

Included Products

Title ISBN SKU Price
The Letter People®
Complete Puppet Set
9780766514263 081012 $599.00
The Letter People®
Spanish Puppets (Set of 4)
9780766514850 081018 $100.00


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