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Close Reading Backpacks

Level E Set

An amazing educational resource for delivering targeted instruction in close reading and text complexity

Deliver targeted and intensive close reading instruction to Grade 5 students who need more support with our Level E Close Reading Backpack

Great for before school, after school, and summer school, each Level E Backpack contains materials to support 10 students.

  • 10 Content Area Reading Success Level E Student Worktexts
  • 1 Content Area Reading Success Level E Teacher's Guide
  • 5-packs of each of 5 Our Book Blog Close Reading Titles plus digital access to interactive eBook versions of each title (Lexile Levels: 800-930): A Family Divided (F), Eco Treck: From Coast to Prairie (NF), Go Green! (NF), All That Glitters (NF), and Spies of the American Revolution (NF)
  • Digital access to 10 additional Our Book Blog Close Reading interactive eBooks (Lexile Levels: 600-870)
  • Pacing Guide
Level E Set