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Classroom Library Pack

Classroom Library Pack

Supplement your Our Book Blog Complete Program or just stock your classroom library with this collection of rich, complex texts. Print titles match the interactive eBook version page-for-page making them the perfect solution for hybrid classrooms.

  • 45 total books (3 copies each of 15 titles)
  • Fiction
  • Nonfiction
Included Book Titles:
  • Li Chi and the Dragon (Lexile: 600L)
  • An Incredible Edible Journey (Lexile: 680L)
  • Creatures of the Sea (Lexile: 680L)
  • The Labors of Hector (Lexile: 700L)
  • Crazy Plants (Lexile: 750L)
  • Communities Across the Globe (Lexile: 750L)
  • Fueling Your Body (Lexile: 790L)
  • A Family Divided (Lexile: 800L)
  • Eco Trek: From Coast to Prairie (Lexile: 810L)
  • Places, Faces, and Stories (Lexile: 820L)
  • Out of This World! (Lexile: 860L)
  • Highways Across America (Lexile: 870L)
  • All That Glitters (Lexile: 880L)
  • Spies of the American Revolution (Lexile: 920L)
  • Go Green! (Lexile: 930L)
Classroom Library Pack


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