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Interactive Big Books

Big Books Set: Healthy Eating & Exercise

Created specifically for Head Start's 4– and 5–year old classes, this new 6–book package of Interactive Big Books focuses on healthy habits in eating and exercise! Each book includes manipulatives that actively involve children within the pages of the books.

  • Supports the national imperatives on improved health through healthy eating and exercise
  • Full–size 14” _ 20” pages — large pages make it ideal for small and large groups
  • Colorful, involving photography brings children right into the topic
  • Unique Attachables provide a hands–on experience like no other Big Book program
  • Convenient Storage Pocket in the back of each book organizes the interactive components

Teacher's Guides feature detailed, explicit instructions that make implementation a breeze! Teacher's Guides for each level include Lesson Plans, Differentiated Instruction, Curriculum Connections, Pacing Guides, and more. The Interactive Big Book experience becomes more meaningful for the students, and easier to implement for the teachers.


Big Books Set: Healthy Eating & Exercise

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Interactive Big Books (Science 1)
Let's Eat! Interactive Big Book Pack
9780766415003 101140 $29.00
Interactive Big Books
A Healthy Day Interactive Big Book Pack
9780766437456 102281 $29.00
Interactive Big Books
Eat All Your Colors Interactive Big Book Pack
9780766437470 102283 $29.00
Interactive Big Books
Get Up and Go! Interactive Big Book Pack
9780766437463 102282 $29.00
Interactive Big Books (Science 3)
I Keep Myself Healthy Interactive Big Book Pack
9780766420618 101157 $29.00
Interactive Big Books (Science 3)
What Should I Put on My Plate? Interactive Big Book Pack
9780766419810 101095 $29.00