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Avísale a alguien de confianza Interactive Big Book Pack

What is a stranger? Various scenarios in which a stranger might try to get a child to go with him/her include: a person who asks for help in finding a lost puppy, a person who says your mom was hurt and he/she is picking you up from school, a person who drives up to you and asks for directions, a person at a store who offers to pay you for carrying his/her bags to the car, a person who offers you a ride home. This book identifies people that the student can trust, such as teacher, police officer, EMT, firefighter, store clerk. Repeated refrains are also taught: “Even if the person seems nice, don’t go. Tell someone you trust.” Spanish Language Version. Includes 1 big book, 1 teacher's guide, and interactive components. Available in English and Spanish.


Avísale a alguien de confianza Interactive Big Book Pack

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