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Abrams Phonics Readers

Practice makes perfect.

Learning to read takes practice. Lots of practice. And if you are like the almost 200,000 kindergarten teachers across the nation, you are in search of more (yes, even more) books to fuel independent reading practice in the classroom and at home. That’s why we developed Abrams Phonics Readers  and sister product, Let’s Read with the Letter People.

A collection of 25 unique phonics readers, Abrams Phonics Readers  feature kids’ favorite and familiar Letter People  characters and strengthen phonics skills by providing additional targeted phonics instruction in the context of real reading.  

  • Thoughtfully introduced controlled sequence of decoding skills
  • Careful building of high-frequency words from book to book
  • Engaging stories and brightly illustrated characters
  • Explicit teacher lesson and guide notes for every book

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Abrams Phonics Readers

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Abrams Phonics Readers





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